The leading solution for delivering 1st party audiences to advertising & marketing

Saga plc - Case Study
Hear how Weng Leong and her team are accelerating activation of 1st party customer data in media

Deployed natively within your cloud environment

1st party customer data for media, done.

The leading cloud native solution for 1st party customer data activation

AUDIENCES  is the leading solution in enabling companies to use their 1st party customer data to drive advertising & marketing performance. Your customer data is a unique competitive advantage when it comes to advertising – enabling you to drive reach, sales, and efficiency:
  • Make acquisition campaigns work as they should, target only net new prospects by deterministically excluding existing customers
  • Drive incremental quality reach by generating powerful look-a-like audiences derived from your most valuable archetype customer groups
  • Unleash the power of your customer intelligence to target existing customers and maximise relevance in who, what, where and when
"We created Audiences to enable advertisers to connect their first party customer data directly with advertising platforms, we wanted to enable that in a safe and secure way, which embraced the existing enterprise architecture and leverage the power data platforms to be able to deliver this powerful intelligence to advertising platforms"
Rob McLaughlin Co-founder

Trusted my market leading brands:

Three, Saga, PaH, Paperchase

In partnership with the:

largest agency networks & independents such as Dentsu, WPP, Mediacom, Publicis, Brainlabs, Rocketmill etc

Operating at scale:

AWS/GCP/Azure, Snowflake, Databricks etc., millions of records, millions of £ in advertising

Representative results:

38% increased reach
29% new sales
5% cross-sell
8% efficiency

A Changing Advertising Landscape …


In Europe & U.S. consumer privacy in digital media is controlled under GDPR & CCPA respectively. Data privacy has become an important area for brands to maintain positive conduct & perception.

3rd Party Cookies

Driven by a combination of privacy and industry changes, the use of 3rd party cookies to identify consumers across websites will no longer be possible. Google & Apple will no longer handle 3rd party cookies in their Chrome & Safari browsers, Firefox is following suit.


Ensuring data in kept securely is a priority for brands, driven by regulation and high profile breaches.Data access & sharing is subject to significant scrutiny.

App Tracking

Within the mobile ecosystem the use of the IDFA identifier across Apple devices is now subject to opt-in.

…Brands Needs To Activate 1st Party Data

Customer data at scale

Brands have significant customer data, rich with intelligence.

Have been successful at gaining & maintaining marketing permissions.

Direct consumer relationships

Brands are looking to upsell, cross-sell and grow customer value, subscription or policy based models need addressable marketing.

Bricks & clicks are converging with consumers behaviour existing in an  omnichannel environment.

Cloud platforms

Adoption of cloud storage and processing has accelerated, transforming many legacy brands ability to leverage data.

Growth marketing

Brands are looking beyond efficiency and performance marketing, asking how they can achieve quality incremental reach in this changing media environment.

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