How it works

AUDIENCES  is the leading solution in enabling companies to use their 1st party customer data to drive advertising & marketing performance. Your customer data is a unique competitive advantage when it comes to advertising – enabling you to drive reach, sales, and efficiency.

Data and Intelligence

Deployed in the brand’s data environment, enabling fast & secure access to all 1st party data & intelligence


Aggregate key data and intelligence for Advertising in one dedicated location in your brand’s data environment


Clean and simple interface for building your client’s customer-data driven audiences


Continuously process and upload their audiences to their priority Advertising Platforms

Marketing & Advertising

Activate in standard campaign workflows, alone or combined with existing audiences

Where do we connect from & where do we connect to?

Benefits of a cloud native approach

AUDIENCES reads directly from your customer data tables enabling it to have a real-time view of data attributes, enabling dynamic segmentation to underpin audience creation and updates - As your customer data evolves so do the audiences that you share with advertising & marketing platforms

By leveraging your 1st party customer data AUDIENCES is naturally cookieless. Identity is handled deterministically via identifiers such as email address, telephone number and/or the wider variety of match keys available within the advertising & marketing eco-system

Create, manage, publish, control and clone audiences from within the application. Built with data oriented marketers and marketing orientated analysts in mind, AUDIENCES provides a balance of templated processes and custom controls

Consent is built into all AUDIENCES components, providing brands complete control of how their customer is used and enabling changes in consent at the customer level to be reflected in real-time

Implement AUDIENCES in less than 4 weeks and accelerate towards activation of 1st party customer data, extensible data schemas and connectors enabling activities to scale in sophistication and volume over time

Inheriting the information security standards & protocols of your cloud infrastructure AUDIENCES is built to live natively within your enterprise environment and conform to existing governance

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1st Party Customer Data for Advertising
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