AUDIENCES for Databricks

AUDIENCES lives inside your company’s own infrastructure, this means that it natively inherits all your already established security technologies, processes and controls, introducing zero additional risk. Your data never leaves your database and audience segments that you create are stored and accessed in exactly the same way, allowing your business to fully leverage the potential that Databricks Lakehouse possesses.


AUDIENCES was built with business teams in mind. Removing the obstacle of requiring technical assistance to create audience segments, it allows marketers to define the customers they wish to target and then push these segments to a range of supported destinations with ease and efficiency, using simple drag-and-drop functionality.

No duplication of data

Your customer data stays safe and secure within Databricks Lakehouse at all times, zero copying of data, zero pipeline creation, zero risk or hassle.


User permissions allow for maximum flexibility and control, giving the appropriate level of access depending on role and necessary output.


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1st Party Customer Data for Advertising
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